Happy 2021 to Everyone!


After such a challenging year, the inspiration for this year’s illustration came from the nostalgic world of amusement parks and arcades.

Will it be a ride in the hall of mirrors, the tunnel of love? A haunted castle, or perhaps a roller coaster? While we have little say on what the new year will bring, it will be up to us how we respond to its challenges and opportunities.

Enjoy the ride then, we hope it will bring more laughter than screams, but that most of all we hope that it will be fulfilling.

We wish you a fabulous new year and the successful pursuit of everything you wish for.

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Happy 2020 everyone!

The year for choosing, if it only came in a pill. The idea came to me thinking of the Presidential elections, an important event which increasingly focuses the word’s attention. I wanted to highlight the importance of this event without taking sides by simply emphasizing the importance of this moment in time. I hope you like my attempt and find the message compelling.

This illustration is available in print in a variety of sizes and finishes, contact me via Email if you would like to get a copy for yourself of to send as a present.

Happy New Year, make it count!


Happy 2019 to Everyone!


We hope this year you will be able to solve the endless Rubik’s cubes life throws our way.

We could say that patience, dedication, and hard work are for sure key ingredients to solve the pesky puzzle.

We wish you a fabulous new year and the successful pursuit of everything you wish for.

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Bioimmunizer – Dietary Supplements

This identity study is for a Swiss-based dietary supplements company. During the development phase we narrowed the viable marks to three distinct marks, as it often happens the client choice didn’t coincide with our preference however here are both solutions. See which one is your favorite.

Briefing: To develop an identity that would convey the company’s scientific approach and solid research, also setting it apart from other competitors in the supplements segment which are often less sophisticated in their branding approach.

Objective: To create an identity that would be perceived as trustworthy as a pharmaceutical product from and as an established brand.

Creative line: Beaker


Creative line: Elements

This logo has such a wonderful potential when it comes to animation that I thought it would be fun to see it animated as a .GIF



Geometric patterns

A personal study on simple geometric patterns, with different elements, colors, and transitions.

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