A report in magazine form

iProspect is a leader in online services, and lots of time and know-how go into sharing best practices with its clients about navigating the complexities of digital communications.

Of course, many of us are interested in learning about how to understand these processes better, but who will have the time and patience to sort through a thick document full of technical terms? The answer for us was easy; turn the report into a slick magazine. The editorial design will make it easy for readers to be drawn into a very technical subject without feeling overwhelmed. The magazine was distributed digitally and in printed form.

Gianni Bulgari’s Enigma Watches

An innovative luxury brand, the brainchild of legendary Italian jeweler Gianni Bulgari, Enigma represents today a rare example of Maison D’Art of genuinely despotic nature, in the tradition of extraordinary brands of the past which today appear transfigured as modern corporations.

At Enigma, Mr. Bulgari’s involvement is total and dictates the development of each component, whether it’s a watch case or a store display, to his exacting standards.

It has been my privilege to help Mr. Bulgari develop several aspects of the new brand identity.

Corporate Identity

Logo refinements; Sales materials; Product manuals; Identity and advertising guidelines manuals.


International Advertising strategy; Campaign development; Product photography.

Retail graphics

Window displays; Packaging; Retail graphics.


Brand books

This project began as a way to continue and expand our print experience in a time of Web and digital-based communications, an idea John Livzey and I pursued in a selfish way.

We put together book projects for the sheer pleasure of seeing our work presented and packaged in an appealing way. Of course, this is now possible with the advent of high-end digital printing and with the binding abilities of our friend Carlos Benitez at Global Media Network.

Ethos Factory has produced two prototypes books; first, a self-promotional piece for John’s exceptional photographic abilities and my rigorous art direction; the second is dedicated to the exotic cars owned by the late fashion designer Bijan.

The respective titles and .PDF file for download are listed below:




Bioimmunizer – Dietary Supplements

This identity study is for a Swiss-based dietary supplements company. During the development phase we narrowed the viable marks to three distinct marks, as it often happens the client choice didn’t coincide with our preference however here are both solutions. See which one is your favorite.

Briefing: To develop an identity that would convey the company’s scientific approach and solid research, also setting it apart from other competitors in the supplements segment which are often less sophisticated in their branding approach.

Objective: To create an identity that would be perceived as trustworthy as a pharmaceutical product from and as an established brand.

Creative line: Beaker


Creative line: Elements

This logo has such a wonderful potential when it comes to animation that I thought it would be fun to see it animated as a .GIF



Geometric patterns

A personal study on simple geometric patterns, with different elements, colors, and transitions.

Click on the image to see more samples.

Logo pattern inspired by MC EsCher

As a teenager I discovered the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, which left in me an indelible impression. Symmetry and perspective seemed to have no secrets for the Dutch master, who molded them to achieve stunning visuals. In developing a new logo for Ethos Factory, I was inspired by his work as well and the marble inlays found in renaissance churches and palaces found throughout Italy.

See the complete logo collection inside the Ethos Factory site

Don’t know the artist?

Check out some of MC Escher’s work on Artsy.net

Sky and Water I (Bool 306), 1938 – Image courtesy of Artsy.com

Service icons project for iProspect, inc.

Creating an icon set is always a challenging project, since you have to synthetize an activity or a function into a simple graphic.

Consider also that in case of a set of multiples style and consistency become an issue, in this case I also had to consider that fact that this set had to integrate with a larger group of icons that were already in use.

This preliminary layout shows the existing icons and the proposed new ones, you will note also some alternatives that are greyed out since they were earlier versions that were ruled out from the final lineup.

Graphic icons