The truth about “La Dolce Vita”

Arietta Cinematografica Presents:
“The Truth About La Dolce Vita”
by Giuseppe Pedersoli

About the project

Our aim is to submit the documentary to all the upcoming main international film festivals, as this year is the anniversary of Federico Fellini’s 100th birthday and “La Dolce Vita’s” 60th year anniversary of its release, when it also was awarded the “Palme d’Or” at Cannes.

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Giuseppe “Peppino” Amato, the man who helped define Italian cinema

A central figure of Italian cinema between the 20’s and 60’s, Giuseppe Amato was one of the influential players in Italian film production. A sensitive, intuitive and adventurous producer, can boast several masterpieces of Italian neorealism in his long list of credits. Classic titles such as: “Umberto D”, “Francesco Giullare di Dio”, “Don Camillo” and “The facts of murder”, to name a few. An elegant and charming man devoted to the art of filmmaking both an actor and as a director first, and to ultimately become great catalyst of Italian cinema.

The highlight of his forty-year career is carefully reconstructed in this docudrama, explaining why he was the only producer in Italy to understand the importance and extraordinary nature of the movie: ”La Dolce Vita” a larger than life gamble that created a myth, but that also came at great personal expense.